Friday, October 1, 2010

Once a wall

Once a wall climbed to heaven.
Again and again my prayers struck it.
Not one of them could get through.
Once a wall blocked the highway
others traveled without care.
I ran into it full tilt.
Rock solid, it would not yield.
My tears could not budge one stone.
At last, battered and bleeding
I limped away in despair.
"Why are you silent?" I asked.
"Why won't you open to me?"
The desert swallowed me up,
dry years parched with endless thirst.
Yet I caught glimpses of you
like a mirage, leading still.
You were there, you brought me through.
The wall is gone. Others walk
the path, singing out their joy.
An altar awaits me now
and you, come down to feed me.

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