Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Saw a Vision Once

I saw a vision once

On an ordinary day
In my ordinary way
I was avoiding 
An urge to pray.

The Spirit kept tugging,
kept gently bugging
while I ignored
the voice of the Lord.

But He would not stop,
He would not quit,
Until I found 
A place to sit,
To open up my heart and say,
"All right, all ready, I will pray."

What happened then was all His grace.
He snatched me up to a heavenly place.
I saw His throne, I saw His love,
a thunderous river from above,
pouring down on us below,
an endless, ever-giving flow.

The years have come, the years have gone,
and yet the vision lingers on.
When days are dark and nights are long,
When the heart falls silent without song,
I let the vision rise once more,
I stand at heaven's open door.

Lift up your face
toward His throne.
The Spirit says "Come and taste!"
Listen! Go now. Make haste.

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